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Sci-Fi Visionary: Piotr Szulkin Celebrates Certainly One Of Poland’s Most Revolutionary Filmmakers

“An Eastern European Ridley Scott… the commentary that is cultural of oeuvre is universalist… their future is our now.” – Ela Bittencourt

“The Polish ‘cinema of anxiety’ soars from this world into the work of Piotr Szulkin… the movies thrive on imaginative eyesight and sociological absurdity.” – Steve Dollar, Wall Street Journal

Movie at Lincoln Center is happy to announce Sci-Fi Visionary: Piotr Szulkin, a retrospective celebrating one of Poland’s many revolutionary filmmakers, September 6-8.

A manager, screenwriter, novelist, theatrical manager, and painter, Piotr Szulkin frequently encountered censorship through the Polish Communist regime for the belated ’70s and very very early ’80s for their unabashedly governmental works. Szulkin’s films that are profoundly imaginative be looked at as existential stories, absurdist parables, or premonitions about contemporary society’s hostility additionally the evils of totalitarianism. Read more »